Converting organic waste into renewable energy.


Food Processors

Recover valuable biogas energy from organic waste residuals generated during the course of daily business.


Anaerobic digestion systems designed to be compact and highly efficient high-solids digesters.

Commercial & Industrial Solutions

Complete “turn-key” AD systems based on the patented IBR technology.

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Pure Energy Group (PEG) designs, builds and installs high-rate anaerobic digestion waste-to-energy systems for various commercial and industrial companies that produce organic waste streams as a byproduct of their daily operations. These include but are not limited to food and beverage processors, cheese and dairy producers, malting and breweries, distillers and wineries, grocery, fruit/vegetable packagers, meat and poultry processors, hotels, restaurants and institutional cafeterias.

Our complete “turn-key” fully automated systems offer our customers the ability to convert organic waste byproducts into “on-site” renewable energy, while significantly reducing post-process waste residual handling and disposal.  These systems utilize patented high-rate anaerobic digestion (AD) technology known as the Induced Bed Reactor (IBR). The IBR technology represents eight combined US and Global patents developed at Utah State University.

The IBR is unique among competing AD systems in that it provides a smaller footprint, higher solids loading capacity, shorter processing time and higher BTU value biogas.  The IBR can process up to 4-5 times the amount of waste solids when compared to other systems in a much smaller footprint.  It is also modular, allowing each tank/reactor to operate independently of others in the system, making it very easy to expand or contract – or even relocate – as necessary. 

The PEG System gives our clients a compact solution for supplemental on-site base load power as well as an environmentally sustainable means to reduce their process waste burden by 50% or more.


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PEG anaerobic digestion systems are designed to be the most compact and highly efficient high-solids digesters in the industry.