Press Releases

July 9, 2014

Pure Energy Group Announces Affiliation with American Biogas Council

Company to Unveil Revolutionary Waste-to-Energy Project By Fall

May 30, 2014

Pure Energy Group Joins Bioenergy Association of California

Company Officials Announce Plans to Unveil Revolutionary Waste-to-Energy Facility in California this Summer

May 14, 2014

San Carlos City Officials Tour Pure Energy Group’s Groundbreaking “Rebrewable” Energy Project at Devil’s Canyon Brewery

Facility is First ever of its kind in the Nation to be Constructed and Operational in an Urban Setting

April 15, 2014

Devil’s Canyon Brewery Partners with Pure Energy Group to Generate Energy from Organic Waste

Groundbreaking new system is expected to dramatically improve the brewery’s bottom line by generating on-site bio-gas and electricity while significantly reducing the amount of spent grains from the brewing process. PEG’s new system represents a true game-changer for sustainability by creating maximum energy value and a rapid return on investment for breweries.