PEG_Solutions01PEG offers complete “turn-key” AD systems based on the patented IBR technology. Our staff of engineers work directly with our clients to ensure that all facets of system development are cared for, while maximizing the turn around time from fabrication to on-site setup and operation. All systems are prefabricated and shipped to the client for immediate setup on-site. Standard preparation for receiving and interconnection of the IBR system is coordinated by PEG site engineering staff prior to transport. Upon delivery of the system, PEG site engineering staff will work with the client and allied tradesmen to setup and connect the system to the facility. Once setup is complete, demonstration and training of the clients staff will be carried out to fully instruct them with how to properly operate and maintain the system for optimal performance. The fully automated system is controlled and monitored by an integrated computer control package. Remote monitoring of the systems is achieved through the use of a fully integrated electronic controls and sensors, offering off-site supervision of day to day operation.

The following industries are currently served by PEG:

Food, Vegetable & Fruit Processors Wine & Distiller’s Industry Dairy  Cheese processors Juice & Beverage Industry Meat & Poultry Processors